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Helpful Cross-Platform Apps…

Joel Howell

Article by Joel Howell Newsletter Editorial Board


You may find cross-platform apps helpful to your practice. These are apps that are compatible with more than one operating system and function across multiple mobile platforms. Here are both new and enhanced versions.

TrialLine offers web-based timeline creation. Due to the pandemic, visual hearings are becoming more popular, and TrialLine can do just that, by letting each conferee see the timeline on their own screen, eliminating the confusion that can come with presenting a complicated timeline from a distanced screen.

The latest version of Zola Suite, integrates Google Suite and Microsoft 365 along with RPost for encryption and proof of delivery. It allows for intelligent (built-in) email management which automatically associates with matter-related contact and files to the related matter. Users can convert emails into tasks with one click, and automatically track time and create time entries as you draft messages. Through Zola’s end-to-end accounting features (including a general ledger) users can issue checks, create journal entries, and batch apply payments. Additionally, users have the ability to download bank and credit card activity from over 5000 institutions and have access to advanced reporting (including financial statements, compensation, WIP, and productivity).

Word LX is an add-on which is designed to save time and allow for consistency across a firm’s documents. With this newest version, users can generate the content of documents through Clause Builder to allow for faster formatting and editing. Contact information can be easily integrated using contact files housed in Office Outlook, allowing for quick file set up. Users can improve the quality of their work product through creating consistency across all the firm’s documents and allows for firm-wide collaboration (including different offices).

While Google can suffice for many of your personal search engine needs, lawyers need more rigorous searches for pre-engagement, due diligence, and case work. Through Tracers “Person ID,” users can search each person that is in the Tracers database and all associated public records. Users can also access court records, residences, social medial profiles, as well as records from courts and government offices that have yet to be published online. With scalable options, Tracers is accessible to any size law firm, allowing for those who need a thousand searches and day to those who need a few per week.

CourtLink allows for easily searchable records. Now with CourtLink, users can search through digitized records via the Lexis Advance platform. The most current version integrates CourtLink search features with LexisNexis’ notification system, allowing users to track client’s names anytime they might have something filed against them. Users can search by litigants, judge, law firm, and many other fields.

Lawyaw is a cloud-based document assembly software that allows users to create a cloud-based legal template bank. Using document automation, users can quickly and easily create documents that fit their needs. First, users start with a model document, select which text will be change, then choose the type of field in the Template Builder. Also, Lawyaw will save time on data entry, because it stores all previous data for reuse and integration with Clio. Users can also send documents out to clients for signature in minutes.

Zola CRM focuses on marketing, allowing users to keep prospects and clients in the same database. It integrates with Zola suite (mentioned above), allowing users to covert leads into clients, and eliminating multiple entries for the same person. Users are able to manage and cultivate leads, automate intake, track referrals, and possibly retain more clients. Such features include, the ability to identify and cultivate high-value prospects, automatically track where leads are coming from, organizing leads by source, practice areas, and potential revenue, convert those leads into Zola Suite, generating metrics to guide your practice.

Panoramic allows users to incorporate project management with knowledge management. How this works: a new lawyer in your office is given the task of completing a pleading. That young lawyer then would use the workflow and accompanying templates in Panoramic to draft that pleading and all other documents needed to complete the task. That young lawyer can consult a Practical Law resources to do further research to know if they are on the right track. Through Panoramic, you can give the client the up-front cost estimate generated from Panoramic through your firm’s archived billing data. As an administrator, users can check the young lawyer’s progress to know if it exceeded the allotted time or not.

Actionstep Express is a cloud-based application for billing and practice management. This product is also designed to grow with users, from Action Express to Practice Pro then all the way up to Practice Pro + Accounting. Actionstep Express gives administrators up to 50 pre-designed reports that give administrators oversight on the activities across your firm. Users can be guided through application “triggers” that automatically assign tasks and sets deadlines. There are pre-built workflows for various practice areas, such as client intake, document management, conflict checking, time tracking, and billing.

PCLaw Go is an app designed for time entry that is client specific. This is a joint venture between LexisNexis and LEAP which allows users to enter time billing information and look up client information. It allows global search to starting and track time, as well as setting multiple timers simultaneously.

Zipp Whip software that is designed to allow texting other than by phone. Some notable features include the ability to text-enable your land line, send and receive texts on a computer or mobile devices, integration with the applications you use daily, and automation tools. Users can schedule text messages (this is particularly helpful when sending out reminders about appointment times or billing). It also allows auto replies.

Trial Works is known for its case management software, but has new features like SMS messaging. while working within the Trial Works software. However, there are some negatives to this feature such as a lack of group texting, the cell phone number must be entered into a specific location in order to work, and the software cannot receive a newly generated message from a client directly through the program.

Text Me is an app available across virtually all platforms (Google Play, Apple, and Amazon). Users have access to unlimited texts and calls to the US and Canada while using your own number. Users are also able to send pictures, voice, and video messages. This app is available on iPods, iPads, or tablets, making any device cable of having phone capabilities. Users can also send Dropbox photos and videos via SMS directly from the app. Users can also use multiple numbers from the same account, allowing them to keep all the different parts of your life separate and safe. A notable feature is the ability to create an international number to use when traveling or simply to chat with friends or clients overseas.

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