President's Column

President’s Column

Mike Malouf, Jr

Article by Mike Malouf, Jr 2015 - 2016 CABA President


2015 was a great year for CABA. Not only did we increase our membership and offer more member benefits, but we really made a difference in our community. CABA lead the way on numerous projects such as: the “Food from the Bar” drive benefitting Mississippi Food Network; Christmas toy drive for the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots; Pro Se Expungement Legal Clinics; and the MS Women’s Economic Security Policy Summit featuring Anita Hill. These projects enriched the lives of hundreds of families and did not go unnoticed.

CABA was honored by MVLP with the 2015 Chairman of the Board’s Torchbearer Award. CABA also received a First Place Award from the American Bar Association in recognition of our outstanding contributions during the Seventh Annual National Celebration of Pro Bono on November 30, 2015.

All of the above is only possible through the hard work of our board and committee members. Please thank each of these attorneys for their hard work and contributions:

Board Members

  • Amanda Green Alexander
  • Meade Mitchell
  • Tiffany Graves
  • Brad Moody
  • Tiffany Grove
  • Meta Copeland
  • Will Manuel
  • John Dollarhide
  • Lane Staines.

Committee Members

  • Chuck Adams
  • Judge Linda Anderson
  • Nathan Bass
  • Sam Begley
  • Michael Bentley
  • Allyson Brock
  • Tammye Brown
  • Tammra Cascio
  • Amy Champagne
  • Chris Coleman
  • Elizabeth Crowell
  • LaVerne Edney
  • Jennie Eichelberger
  • Wendy Ellard
  • Frank Farmer
  • Wayne Ferrell
  • Patty Furr
  • Tiffany Graves
  • Cody Gibson
  • Venecca Green
  • Matt Grenfell
  • Charles Griffin
  • Steven Griffin
  • Erin Guyton
  • Clay Gunn
  • Michael Gwin
  • Alicia Hall
  • Jennifer Hall
  • Philip Hearn
  • Ashley Hendricks
  • Lawson Hester
  • Terence High
  • William Howell
  • Charles Hughes
  • Janice Jackson
  • Arthur Johnston
  • Hewitt Jones
  • Gretchen Kimble
  • Greta Kemp
  • Stuart Lott
  • George Luter
  • Harris Greta Mack
  • Kate Margolis
  • Crystal Martin
  • Brad McDill
  • Whit McKinley
  • Mary Miller
  • Jeffrey Mitchell
  • Gerald Mumford
  • Kamesha Mumford
  • Tim Moore
  • Amanda Myers
  • Jwon Nathaniel
  • Barbara Neil
  • Krissy Nobile
  • Abram Orlansky
  • Randy Patterson
  • Ben Piazza
  • Jim Rosenblatt
  • Tianna Raby
  • John Rocray
  • Paul Rosenblatt
  • Lisa Ross
  • John Rouse
  • Charles Russell
  • Gayla Sanders
  • Randall Saxton
  • Christina Seanor
  • Jim Shelson
  • Anne Smith
  • Blake Smith
  • Daniel Sorrick
  • Mimi Speyerer
  • Austin Stewart
  • Eric Stracener
  • Ashley Nadar Stubbs
  • Katharine Surkin
  • Stephanie Taylor
  • Lee Ann Thigpen
  • Linda Thompson
  • Matthew Thompson
  • Lee Watt
  • Clarence Webster
  • Scotty Welch
  • Rebecca Wiggs
  • Natasha Woods
  • Pat Zimmerman.

We are not done yet! We are extremely excited about 2016 and are pleased to announce the upcoming CABA events:

  • April 7th: Small and Solo Firms Committee will offer a lunch and learn CLE “Hanging Your Shingle 101” featuring vendors to make law office management easier.
  • April 14th: Annual Evening Honoring the Judiciary Banquet will be held to recognize the members of our judiciary.
  • April 19th: Membership Luncheon at the Capital Club
  • April 28th: CABA Spring Social at River Hills Club

We look forward to a great 2016 and we welcome your participation.

Thank you,
Mike Malouf, Jr.