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New Apps for the Spring

various apps pulled from a variety of sources

Joel Howell

Article by Joel Howell Newsletter Editorial Board


Asana www.asana.com/apps

This free app allows you to track and synchronize your Microsoft Outlook, and group messages. You can also sync with others and comment on ongoing projects.

Business Tasks Google Play Store

is similar to Asana, and also allows you to make a to-do list by synchronizing your Google and Outlook tasks.

Venmo www.venmo.com

a free app, makes transferring money to a third party easy. You can connect your bank account and both receive from and pay others.

LinkedIn Apple Store Google Play Store

This free app allows you easy access to the website from your phone. LinkedIn helps you and/or your company to make connections with this business “social” site.

Homesnap Apple Store Google Play Store

It can be hard to find your home value when you are looking at selling, but with this app, it can be as easy as ABC. This app will give you an approximate value of your home and is the most accurate app so far in the app store.

Drafts Apple Store Google Play Store

This free app synchronizes to your email account and allows you to type notes about anything you want. It can then send that note to your email when you request or save it in the app.

GoogleKeep Apple Store Google Play Store

is another note taking app, which lets you take voice notes, create tasks, and make to-do lists. It can also be synced with your Google account.

Dictate and Connect Apple Store Google Play Store

This is a good voice app that can register when you are or are not talking. It will stop recording if you stop talking for too long. You can also insert, move, or cut any audio you do not want.

Whatsapp Apple Store Google Play Store

is a very useful chat app. It is best known for its ability to text or call to others outside the U.S. at no cost. It can also be used to make group messages over different phone platforms.

Slack Apple Store Google Play Store

is an app like WhatsApp, but you can also use it on a computer as well as your phone. Its best use is probably in a workplace among peers.

Raindrop.io Apple Store Google Play Store Computer

will organize your bookmarks. You can save articles you like without filling up the bookmark tabs in your phone and/or computer. It allows you to put links in separate folders.

With spring right around the corner, you might be wondering what new tech there is to stock up to either take pictures for all the outdoor activities that are soon to begin. The iPhone 7 Plus is excellent for taking pictures. Apple has updated the phone to focus on clarity and duration. The now water-resistant phone, however, has had some complaints about not including a headphone jack. If you can get past this, though, the picture taking ability itself might make it worth the purchase.

Motorola has also come out with a new phone called Moto, which allows you to add hardware to your phone. If you want a louder speaker you can ‘snap’ a speaker to the back of the phone or if you want a projector you ‘snap’ it on.

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