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Best Apps for the iPad …

Joel Howell

Article by Joel Howell Newsletter Editorial Board


Transcript Review Apps

AgileLaw View Site

This free app allows lawyers, witnesses and other participants to view and annotate documents with paperless depositions.


This free app can be used for a more interactive deposition. With it, you can instantly stream deposition videos and make video clips by merely highlighting transcript text.

Mobile Transcript View Site

This free app is enhanced for reviewing and annotating transcripts on mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry and Androids. However, you can only upload your transcripts with the paid add.

Legal Research Apps

Bloomberg Law

The app is free, but requires a full subscription to utilize fully. It allows users to view news and analysis targeted to their interests, receive the latest Bloomberg Law alerts for legal and news searches, access legal documents and news articles saved in their queue, and track dockets, opinions or bills. It customizes what is displayed based on the subscriber and their interests.

Courtroom Evidence

This app was renamed from TrialEvidence to CourtroomEvidence, but functions the same and costs $1.99. It serves as a mobile reference guide for courtroom evidentiary foundations and is used to review predicates for admission of evidence.

Fastcase View Site

This is a very convenient free app when you are on the road and need to do some quick legal research. You can research federal and state case laws and statutes directly on your iPhone or iPad.

Settlement Apps

Picture It Settled View Site

This is another free app that is helpful for predicting when a case may settle and for how much using data from thousands of cases. It is also helpful when you are trying to reach a settlement but are unable to come to terms. It can help litigants analyze their positions and develop a successful negotiation strategy.

Date Calculator Apps

DocketLaw View Site

This app allows users to calculate event dates and deadlines free of charge based on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Users can add subscriptions to rules-based calendars for specific state and federal courts for additional monthly fees.

Docket Apps

PacerMonitor View Site

This is the companion app to PacerMonitor.com, a service used for tracking and searching for cases in the federal courts' PACER system. It can be used free of charge by linking your own PACER credentials, or by signing up for a paid subscription to the service with charges per-document.

Trial Presentation Apps

TrialDirector View Site

This free app permits you to create case folders on your iPad and then add exhibits, including video, through a Dropbox or iTunes account. Once you add the files you may need, you can use the app to annotate and present the exhibits.


This is a free app that provides on-the-go access to case materials, including photographs, illustrations, 3D animations, medical imagery, video and documents. The only requirement is an account with the trial graphics company DK Global.

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