The Summit

Mississippi Women’s Economic Security Policy Summit

October 10, 2015 at the Jackson Convention Center
Keynote Speaker: Anita Hill

The CABA Women’s Initiative Committee partnered with the Mississippi Women Lawyers’ Association (MWLA) to support the Mississippi Women’s Economic Security Initiative (MWESI)’s inaugural Policy Summit. The MWESI Leadership Team was formed to bring together multiple partners to help provide greater collaboration to address several primary issues that impact the economic security of women in our State. These issues are grouped into the broad categories of:  Economic, Education, Health, Legal, and Political. The Summit, held October 10th at the Jackson Convention Center, provided a venue for discussion of these issues, introduced the Initiative’s policy agenda going forward, and outlined the goals that must be met to support better policies for the women of Mississippi. The keynote speaker for the Summit was Ms. Anita Hill who delivered a rousing call to arms to Summit attendees, saying “This is a critical moment in our time, when you have brought together the greatest minds and best energy to combat these problems.” Ms. Hill was welcomed during a Reception held October 9th at the Mississippi Museum of Art, also sponsored by CABA’s Women’s Initiative Committee and MWLA. Support of both events was coordinated by CABA Women’s Initiative Committee Chairs Wendy Huff Ellard and Rebecca Wiggs, and Past-President Amanda Green Alexander.

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