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CABA Member Courthouse Composite

Photograph Sign-up Announcement: CABA is excited about the opportunity to have a composite photo prepared of all our members by RCL Portrait Design. This photo will be displayed at the Hinds County Courthouse.

View Locations / Dates

MC School of Law Moot Court Conference Room

151 E. Griffith Street, Jackson MS
November 28 — December 1, 2016

Old Capitol Inn Suite 3

226 North State Street, Jackson MS
December 1, 2016 (date of CABA/JYL Christmas Party)

MC School of Law Moot Court Conference Room

151 E. Griffith Street, Jackson MS
December 2 — December 9, 2016

Butler Snow, LLP Founders Room

1020 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 1400, Ridgeland MS
December 12 — December 16, 2016

Dates may be subject to change if unforeseen circumstances arise. Please call RCL Portrait Design directly at 800-580-5562 to schedule your appointment. You can also schedule your appointment online at (choose "Schedule" from the menu on the left side of the website, then choose "Guest Account" to get to the calendar).

There is no cost for you to participate. A professional portrait photographer will photograph you in several poses. You will then be able to view your proofs immediately through an instant video system and choose your picture for the composite. Additional portraits will also be made available to those wishing to purchase them, but there is no obligation to do so. If you are unable to sit for a photo, but still want to be included on the composite, you may send in your own photograph and pay a $30 fee to standardize the background to match the others in the composite.

What to Wear: For professional quality and best presentation, appropriate dress is suggested. We recommend a dark suit jacket and light-colored shirt.

Thank you for being a member of CABA and taking part in this great member benefit!
— Meade W. Mitchell CABA President

Who is CABA?

The Capital Area Bar Association is an 80 year old organization of lawyers in metropolitan Jackson, Mississippi. Membership is open to any lawyer, judge or presiding judge who is a member in good standing of any state or federal bar and has an interest in the work of our organization. For more information, check out the links in the footer. There are many opportunities for you to get involved. We look forward to your participation.

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Statistics show that 90% of organizations now maintain social media profiles, and CABA is among that majority. You can find the Capital Area Bar Association’s page on Facebook and find us on Twitter (@CABALaw). Social media is a simple way to improve communications within our organization, but we need our members to help to build an effective social media presence. If you are currently on Facebook or Twitter, please engage. Whether you like us, follow us, or comment on posts, you are helping build CABA’s social media profile.

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Latest News & Articles

The views expressed in the articles published are solely those of the authors and do not represent the views of CABA, its officers, directors, or staff.

President Meade Mitchell

President's Column by Meade Mitchell

Now more than ever! With all the uncertainty nationally, here is my simple question, “How many of you think that joining a bar association is a positive thing to do in times like these?” For me, and I hope you, the answer is a resounding yes.

CABA Members to Run for President-Elect of State Bar by Kate Margolis

Two of CABA’s most distinguished members, Pat Bennett and Rebecca Wiggs, will be candidates for President-Elect of the Mississippi Bar in 2017. The following profiles are the result of visits with each candidate to reflect on their careers in the law.

Reflections on Being A Brand New Lawyer by Ira Rushing

A young lawyer shares some advice received on the first day of his journey in the legal world and reflects on continued opportunities to learn from legal veterans.

Reflections on the Spring of 1972 and the Meaning of Justice by Laura Glaze

With racial tensions in Hattiesburg high, five-year-old Laura Glaze was called to testify in court about a hateful act she had witnessed.

Why driving with hidden cash is (probably) no longer money laundering in Mississippi by Scott Gilbert

A 2008 United States Supreme Court holding invalidated the federal law upon which Mississippi’s application of its money laundering statute is premised. This change in the law suggests that Mississippi’s prosecutors will no longer be able to sustain money laundering charges brought against bulk money couriers.

The Polemics and Poetry of Baseball, Before, During and After November 2nd of 2016 by The Road Lawyer

Baseball—like life and like law—is not always fair, but it is America's "constant" and our superior team sport. And the Cubs' historic has proven once again that the future is not always dictated by the past.

On Computing by Joel Howell

Discussing the changes in iOS 10 and some of the new app updates accompanying it.

What If? The Post Election Crystal Ball by Captain Equity

Having written the article before election day, Captain Equity ponders the possible outcomes and the longterm effects.