We Want to Hear Your Legal “War Stories”

As lawyers, sharing our “war stories” is how we mentor younger lawyers, relive our triumphs, and gain perspective on our defeats. The stories we share live on in the annals of Mississippi lawyering with the next generation, but only if we tell them.

In the spirit of CABA’s goal to bring back social engagement, the newsletter calls for submission of tales about your most memorable days as a lawyer, no matter how large or small the event. It might be the cross-examination at trial that put the jury in your client’s corner or the quip by the judge that set the tone for the hearing. It could be the last-minute save of a big deal going wrong (or if not, what could have been), your role in changing Mississippi law, or the day your client heeded your counsel for the better. Names can be changed or remain anonymous to protect the innocent. We welcome your short summary of what happened or a full length article that tells the whole story in all its glorious (or infamous) detail.

Article submissions may be sent to: