CABA Professionalism Award

Each nominee for the CABA Professionalism Award must be a practicing attorney who demonstrates consistent adherence to the professional standards of practice, ethics, integrity, civility, and courtesy; encourages respect for, and avoided abuse of, the law and its procedures, participants, and processes; and shows a commitment to the practice as a learned profession, to the vigorous representation of clients, and to the attainment of the highest levels of knowledge and skill in the law and contributed significant time and resources to public service.

Past award recipients include:

  • William Wright
  • Beth Orlansky
  • Steve Orlansky
  • David Kaufman
  • Robert Gibbs
  • Barry Ford
  • John Henegan
  • Ben Piazza
  • Barry Powell
  • Christy Jones
  • John Corlew
  • Gee Ogletree
  • William Winter
  • Louis Watson
  • Tom Crockett
  • Alex Alston
  • George Hewes
  • William Goodman
  • Reuben Anderson
  • Harold Miller
Professor Jeff Jackson

At the June membership meeting, CABA recognized the winners of its 2016 Professionalism Award:

Professor Patricia Bennett and Scotty Welch, shown with CABA President Meade W. Mitchell and Amanda Green Alexander, Chair of the Selection Committee for the Professionalism Award.