Gallant Hearts 4th Annual 5k Run, Dog Walk, & Kids Festival

On Saturday, November 2nd, members of CABA’s community outreach committee, Cheryn Netz, Margaret Smith, Melissa Baltz, Torri Martin, Susan Tsimortos, Anita Modak-Truran, Margaret Williams, and LeAnn Nealey worked as volunteers at the Gallant Hearts Fourth Annual 5k Run, Dog Walk and Kids Festival at Laurel Park in Belhaven.

About Gallant Hearts

Gallant Hearts is a non-profit organization that breeds, raises and trains guide dogs which are provided at no charge to persons who cannot see. We were proud to represent CABA at this great event, as we used our wrangling skills assisting in the Kid Zone at the space jump and agility challenge, as well as maintaining crowd control during the monkey rodeo.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered and contributed to the event’s success!
LeAnn Nealey, Chair for Community Outreach

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