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The Bold New Convention City

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The following predictions by Captain Equity first appeared in the CABA Newsletter on August 15, 1989. Read on for hit-or-miss predictions about The Bold New City, especially with regard to the Jackson Convention Center Complex and the King Edward Hotel.

Imagination + Marketing = Magic. If you don't believe it, just look at Brian Bosworth or Geraldo or even Kane Ditto. Where were they only a few short years ago? And what does this have to do with anything, you ask. Well, I for one think it provides a valuable object lesson for the City of Jackson and the Mississippi State Bar. Dream with me for a minute, will you?

It's a Tuesday in April, 1990. The mail has just arrived. CLE junk mail, bills…wait, is that the bar convention mailer? Trembling hands rip at the oversize envelope. Six minutes of unfolding later, there it is, smack in the middle of the poster-sized info sheet. It is my imagination or does this thing really get that much bigger every year?

1990 Mississippi State Bar Announces Jackson as Site

Not inconceivable. There is no law that says lawyers have to have sailboats and salt water within eye view for an annual meeting. Imagine the choices available to the Kansas or Nebraska insurance defense bar when they want to pass resolutions on Tort Reforms or the need for Pro Bono tax credits. We read on.

Jackson's fabled "Crossroads of the South Convention Complex and Entertainment Centre" will serve as the focal point for this year's annual meeting. Resort style hotel accommodations, four star dining, state-of-the-art meeting facilities and an unlimited range of recreation and shopping options promise to make this year's meeting memorable.

Sound good? And that's before we even total up the tax revenue and calculate the economic impact. Before you dictate a letter to Larry Houchins to champion the nomination of the Bold New City as a future convention site, let me assure you that magic is within the grasp of every reader. Just apply the simple formula (Imagination + Marketing) and begin to realize the benefits in your own life. However, a few details remain. For one, it might be a good idea to pinpoint the Crossroads of the South Convention Complex etc. before we messenger the meeting notice over to the printer. Now I know this is a tougher assignment than coming up with compelling ad copy, but I do have an idea that would merely require a little refurbishment and the outlay of a few bucks to some bright, young idea man to capture just the right sales spin. Just imagine next year's giant announcement poster.

The Terry Road Entertainment Corridor and the Highway 80 Miracle Half Mile provide conventioneers with just the right blend of Southern Hospitality and No-Nonsense Convenience against a backdrop of urban elegance.

Do you think lawyers in Bay Springs or Corinth would buy it?

Resort Hotels

The Old Scottsdrale Alamo Plaza — Deluxe private bungalows with a rustic, Southwestern flavor.

The Trump Tarrymore — Manhattan sophistication blended with Deep South style and comfort. Visit our Hong Kong inspired Tai Hong Restaurant or just splash in our fabulous City Scape Pool.

The Royal Hawaiian Redwood Court — The islands beckon out-of-towners to enjoy this resort locale favored by Hollywood stars which include Oscar Nominee Gene Hackman.


The Krystal Palace — Hamburgers are the rage here.

Mr. George's Celebrity Cafeteria — This Raymond Road gem is unlike any cafeteria you've ever been to. If you're lucky, Mr. George himself may spin one of his years as you dine on southern fare.

Café Le Chef Sports Restaurant — Gourmet offerings in a setting that was once home to Hall of Famer Dizzy Dean's far flung business and restaurants holdings.

The Hill — Nightlife at is best perched on a promontory overlooking Jackson's prime transportation artery (I-20). Meet great gals like Kandi and Boots at Jackson's Own Top of the Mark.


Mart 51 Galleria — Fifth Avenue Rodeo Drive … okay, they might be a little more stylish, but they're certainly not in walking distance of the convention. This is!!

Special Events

King Edward Hotel Gala Welcome, Rooftop Open Grill — Convention goers are invited to kick off the 90's with this unusual barbecue employing a unique new cooking technique developed by a former arsonist turned special events chef. Steaks, chops, and seafood are lovingly placed on the asphalt roof as members of State Bar Welcome Committee pack the rooms below with worn radials sautéed in a kerosene-ethanol solution. Add flame and presto. Your Mississippi State Bar Open Grill will be ready to savor before the first hook and ladder makes its appearance at this downtown Jackson Hot Spot.

Executive Director Houchins, State Bar President Elect Crosthwait, Mayor Ditto and economic development minded members of the Hinds County Bar — what do you think?